The Beginning of it All

The large group of small halflings were hustling through the deep, dark woods of Brevoy, just outside of the city/town of Restov. They were anxious, worried, and fearful for their very lives. Barely aware of where they were going or from whence they came, the halflings stumbled through the unfamiliar woods, losing track of direction, time and hope.

Until they came across another of their own size. One with forest green hair and gold eyes. She sensed their urgency, and being just a child herself became overwhelmed with fear. The halflings were escapees, fleeing from the hands of slavery from the south. The gnome introduced herself as Umariella Lillysinger, a local gnome familiar with the woods. She accepted to lead them to safety.

Once twilight hit, they came up to the river lined south of Restov. Not knowing how to get across, they panicked, exclaiming their blatant fear, when out of the corner of their eye emerged a giant, or what seemed like a giant. A youthful half-orc with black hair and who already towered over any average man, said “I’m Tug” and he helped them get across the river quickly. Umari, knowing taking them all back to her parents would cause a split of panic among the town, took them to a solitary house just inside the forest, to the home of Aizzar. He wasn’t thrilled about opening his home to the large number of people (or half people), but he owed a favor to Umari for also saving him from the consuming confusion of the woods. The Halfling family was finally safe and could start a new life, breathing in the aroma of freedom for the first time in a long time.

The Windfall’s is their family name, the survivors of the large slave trade to the south. The Stolen Lands harbors the roughest of groups, including goblins, bandits, and slave owners. The family was very lucky to survive, but unfortunately, not every one did survive. Rendell Windfall, now the eldest brother of the family, inherited his new role after the noble fall of his older brother, Dendell. He was a hero and will be remembered as such in the eyes of the entire Windfall family and to all who are fortunate enough to hear the tale of the great Halfling and eldest brother, Dendell Windfall.

Well, this is it… the start of how it all began. Really this adventure was years in the making, five to be exact. Rendell, Umari, Tug (now also a Halfling and Rendell’s adopted younger brother), and Aizzar built their relationship from being thrown together that night long ago in the woods, to developing a lasting friendship in the town of Restov. Umari spending time with Tug and Rendell, while getting herbs for Aizzar to develop into whatever it is that he studies (none of them can understand).

One cold day in the month of Pharast, Aizzar invited each of them to dinner to discuss an opportunity, or rather an adventure. They would fulfill a charter to discover “The Greenbelt,” which is part of The Stolen Lands to the south of Brevoy. They will map it out, taking out any bandits in the way to prepare it for Brevoy to expand south. Rendell immediately accepted, desiring adventure. Tug, of course came along, never wanting to leave his older, much shorter brother alone to face the adventures of this world. Umari accepted, knowing she just passed the adult threshold of a gnome, and not wanting to succumb to the effects of “The Bleaching.” They took off a few days later after signing the charter contract with the leaders of Brevoy. They packed their bags with waterskins, blankets, rations, lamp oil, bedrolls, and of course, soap in preparation for the long, exciting, and rigorous adventure that lay before them.

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